If you decide to move to a new place and want to take a house, before moving to lay at the front door of the home of an old towel. Kneeling in front of him, politely invite the house to move to a new place of residence with you. Next, fold the towel four times. Coming to a new home, re-place it by the front door and say: "housewarming present, boss!"
Brownies – friends to children and cats. It is believed that if the house has cat or cat, the house will move to a new habitat with the animals.
Another way: the rope is tied bast, rushes over the stove and threw offers brownie to go with him to a new home. Of course, this option is more suitable for homes where there is a stove, and there now remains a little. You can replace the bast broom, boots, bag, just putting them in the middle of the apartment and inviting house to a new location. After the invitation should pick up the object (boots, broom, etc.), which moved the house, under his arm and go to a new home.
The following method: the latter, departing from the old house (better if it's the missus) sweeping litter in the corners of the kitchen, then wrapped in a rag. Then she invites house to a new location. SOR (it is believed to be belongings of a house) is taken, the new point is placed in the farthest and darkest corner with a crust of bread.