Find out who was in your living room. It is likely that these people live there. But there is a complexity to the excerpt from the book with a list of all prescribed, you can only if you registered in this apartment. Otherwise, you will need to contact the owner or registered there. If he can't, for whatever reason, independently to give you information about the people living in the one house, at least he has the right to receive a document about this in the passport office. He will need to pay a small fee and will be issued an appropriate certificate on the same day.
Refer to the people living in the neighborhood you are interested in the house. Most likely, the most information you can give the pensioners. It is possible that they are personally familiar with the tenants of the neighboring house and give you all the necessary information. Even if they don't know the names living in the neighborhood people, they might be able to call their number.
Consult with Junior staff of the management company in charge of the work on the local area - janitors, guards territory or cleaners. Perhaps they know something about living in a concrete house.
Please use the search on various databases with phone numbers. Putting address, you will be able to find who registered the phone in the apartment. the falsity of this method is that you will be able to detect only one person was in the apartment.