Examine thoroughly the regulatory framework the main documents which are: Land code, article No. 36, the main document - the Housing code of the Russian Federation, articles 36 to 44 of the Federal Law from 29.12.2004 "About introduction in action of the Housing code of the Russian Federation", article 16, as well as the Federal Law from 29.12.2004 "On the introduction of the town planning code of the Russian Federation", article 6. Swipe obschedomovoe meeting, which will be the second very important stage. The meeting must be voted. More than half positive votes of all homeowners plus trusted individuals is crucial, and the vote is considered to be at the same place. The Assembly should resolve all the nuances on the future design of the local area, choose the responsible person who will be issued for the property.
See how apartment owners in the land management organization. This body is in each subject of the Federation. Contact with a particular statement about the formation of the site. Make a decision. This is one of the most important points in the design work. Each region has its own peculiarities, there can be various nuances and problems that are better solved through legal aid. Main document Federal Law of 29.12.2004 "About introduction in action of the Housing code of the Russian Federation", article 16.
Get the right of ownership and register it in the prescribed manner. State registration is a registration in the Unified register of rights to immovable property. The application must be submitted with the application documents. What is the use of the local area? For example, moral. Tenants will be assured that their athletic or Playground will carry will not be build in immediate proximity to another building, and not cut down green plantings, will not occur next to other people's garages. Benefits can become commercial. By decision of the General meeting of the residents of the territory can be leased. In addition, the lease will be attics, roof and basements. To take advantage of, the surface of the building - pass area under is.