You will need
  • application of BTI;
  • - documents for the land plot;
  • - excerpt from the cadastral passports of buildings and land;
  • - copy of the cadastral plan of buildings and land;
  • - the statement in FPRZ;
  • - receipt of payment for the registration;
  • - your passport.
To place documents in a private house, built illegally on the site, contact the BTI. Apply to call the technician for carrying out the list of necessary services on the basis of which you will draw up technical and cadastral passport for it, and will produce a plan of the structure erected.
Apart from the application form you must present your passport, existing documents of the land. This can be a lease, sale, certificate of inheritance or deed of gift. If the plot you have no documents, you will receive a statement of their household book in a local municipality, contact the Federal Office for the unified accounting of land, cadastre and cartography (Rosnedvizhimost), call engineer on cadastre and carry out the procedure of land surveying, to put the site on the account and obtaining a cadastral passport and a plan. Data documents you will need for the registration of ownership of land, as erected structure located on the land and the land is an integral part of building the house.
If you receive an easement, you will receive a decision of the local municipality on the transfer of land ownership. But, you should conduct a survey, as described above.
The technician from BTI will inspect all of your buildings. On the basis of the examination you will be necessary documents for registration of property rights. Get the extract from the cadastral passport of the building and parcel copy of cadastral plan , the houseand plot.
Refer the documents to the Federal Office of the state registration center. Write a statement, pay for check your rights of ownership. On the basis of the submitted documents and statements of your rights register (art. 122 of the Federal law).