For split orders you need the relevant documents, i.e. the documents to the apartment (document on the right of ownership, technical passport for the apartment , etc.). To separate orders need to apply to your management company for your home. Usually the decision to split the order comes because of discord in the family (the most common case), but rather to pay separately for each part of the property of the tenants residing in the apartment. Also you can share personal accounts, due to this the bills will be sent to each tenant separately. For the section of the personal account you also need to contact the management company.
Now consider the cases when possible and when impossible separation orders.If two family members (let this be two brothers) have a one bedroom apartment at the dedication of their father, and one of the brothers wants to share and a warrant to "seal" a room without the consent of the second brother, he can only determine the order of use, and only through the courts.
Consider the following case: a two-bedroom apartment in her home to her husband (in a written apartment), the wife and daughter. Husband and wife divorced, but live together. After her husband's death the apartment by inheritance was to pass by inheritance to his wife, but in the issuance of documents refused. Then the wife decided to split the order and sell one of the rooms. In this case, the separation of the orders is impossible. But with regard to the documents about the transition of apartments in the property to family members, in this case, you must go to the notary.
In the end I would like to say that from March 1, 2005, the division of accounts banned, so as not to create a communal apartment. The separation is possible only through court.