It is not only comfortable, but also beautiful, and among the variety of types and colors, you can choose the one that suits you. Moreover, there are materials specially designed for children's rooms.

The advantages of carpet is the fact that it is easy to lay and to operate it is unpretentious. It is produced from natural (cotton, jute, wool, and silk) or synthetic fibers. But the question arises: whether the carpet safe for children? In General, its chemical properties, it is not dangerous. But, if your child has allergies, some types of carpet it is better not to apply for a child's room.

For those types of carpeting that are composed of natural bristles, often infest dust mites and microorganisms, causing asthmatics asthma attacks. The coating of natural fibers may be covered with mold, which is not safe for a child. In addition, natural fibers pile, turning into dirt and dust. But if the child's allergies no, he will be comfortable in the room with the carpet, because to play and run around on the soft floor is much nicer.

To carpeted synthetic origin serve you for as long as possible, the purchaser should consider several factors:

  • children should choose carpet bright colors or fun patterns,
  • the floor needs to retain heat,
  • carpet should be with antistatic and sound insulation properties,
  • the cover is easy to clean.

Before you lay the material programsuite the surface of the floor, so the dust did not penetrate the pile. The coating should be regularly vacuumed. Carpet is a great choice for creating comfort in the nursery.

Selling carpet is done by all salons flooring and shops of building materials. It is easy to purchase, and the price will suit many people.