Pre-assemble the documents valid at the time when you plan on obtaining the "green stuff". Such constitutive documents that may be required (depending on method of purchase) of the contract of purchase and sale (barter, donation, pledge) of the apartment or certificate from the Board of the housing co-operative on payment of shares in full, a will or certificate of inheritance by law. The collection pay close attention to the correct presentation of the description of the apartment on affixing proper seals and signatures of the parties (or, provided[ the legal norms the officials).
Ask for getting "green stuff" after the state registration of the establishment of property rights.Follow the requirements of the officials of the categorical criteria to receive the necessary documents in full. They usually are picky filling without shortening the names of organizations and companies and the actual addresses. Surnames, names and patronymics of natural persons, addresses of their places of residence should be written completely.
To finally get an apartment in the property, you need to choose "green". Please contact the territorial administration of Federal registration service (formerly the Federal registration service) at the place of their residence. There Express his request for the issue of the certificate, that is, the sample complete the appropriate application form to the head of management. Sample is freely available on the official website. The application complete by hand or type. In order to save personal time please contact by post or through representative. In the latter case, the notary will apply for the authorization of facilities signature or representation. To submit the request, attach the original copies of all collected documents and it's a Xerox of passport pages with personal information.
In a month will receive under the signature certificate. At the same time receive an extract from the Unified state register of rights to immovable property and transactions with it.