House (piping) book is the only document under which it is possible to obtain information on the composition of persons registered or preserving the right to use the premises of the residential type, belonging to natural or legal persons by right of ownership. When conducting real estate transactions house book (or rather an extract from it) is also necessary-and other legal documents. To get the extract from door-to-door books, you need to write a letter to the billing centre at the location of the property.Brownies books are issued at registration of the population in residential areas owned by citizens in the property, and they are stored either in the housing Department/ condominium (apartment buildings), or in the hands of owners of private houses. Without the house book will be difficult to conduct any actions of the title character (check someone is at home). Door-to-door (house) the book starts in the following cases: the privatization of housing, the purchase of housing under other deals (purchase and sale, inheritance, donation), and at the buyer's premises to write a valid previous book. To purchase this document the owner shall at their own expense.For the decoration of the house book you need to provide to the FMS the following documents: passport, proof of home ownership, title document (contract of privatization, exchange, sale, gift, inheritance, etc.), an extract from the egrn.Since 2011 in several countries of the CIS (Kazakhstan, Belarus) houses books have been cancelled in order to reduce the workflow in the design of the title and other documents.