Form the house is governed by the Administrative regulations provide the Federal migration service of the state service in registration accounting of citizens of the Russian Federation at the place of stay and place of residence within the Russian Federation (approved by order of the Director of the FMS of Russia on 20 September 2007, No. 8470;208). In particular, paragraph 59 of this regulation describes the procedure for obtaining a house book. This paragraph reads as follows:

59. At registration of citizens in residential premises of the private housing stock owned by natural or legal persons by right of ownership, in the absence of the agreement of the owner (owners) of residential premises from the housing Fund of the administering organization to conduct this work, allowed the registration and storage by owners of houses (apartments) of the house (apartment) books in the form N 11 (Appendix N 11 to the Regulations). Domestic (door-to-door) books are maintained on each household (apartment).

To get the house bookyou need to prepare the following documents:

  1. Passport home or apartment and information about the owner

  2. The contract of purchase and sale of housing

  3. For private home — ownership papers for the land on which the house, or a rental agreement

  4. Passport or birth certificate of all family members, marriage certificate.

Unfortunately, many issues concerning how to get a house book, who it should be stored (for example, if the housing is shared ownership) and how to solve various problems arising in case of disagreement of the owners, by registration, etc., legislation give a very vague and imprecise instructions, leaving much to the discretion of lawyers. If you experience associated with the book the house of the issues to resolve them in legislative acts, it may be advisable to enlist the help of an experienced lawyer to go to court.