You will need
  • Documents: the passport of the mother of the child, the passport of the father, certificate from the hospital and marriage certificate (if any).
A young mother, especially nursing, to escape from the house for a long time very difficult. Create a detailed plan of action in order to save time. All documents must be issued not later than one month after the birth of a child. Month valid certificate from the hospital.
Find out operation hours of the district Department of the Registrar, the Federal migration service, passport and passport office. Clear copies of your passport and the passports of her husband, marriage certificate and the certificate from the hospital. Take in the maintenance service of the statement of accounts. Copy all newly received documents. Talk to your husband: he can take part of the trouble on themselves.
Apply for a birth certificate. For this purpose the district Registrar provide a passport, a marriage certificate and a certificate from the hospital. Apply for registration of the child and the husband if you are married.

If not, the birth certificate can be issued on the basis of the act on recognition of paternity. In this case, be sure to go to the registry office with the father of the child. Information about father can be recorded, and the words mother of the child or even be omitted at her request. Then the child will carry the mother's surname. At the registry office along with the birth certificate you will be given a certificate to receive benefits for the newborn.
Register the child's place of residence. If you and your husband are written in different places, decide what address will be the registered child. The consent of the other members of the family, in the apartment, the law is not necessary.

In the passport office you have to ask for statements of personal accounts and the house register, a certificate of birth and a photocopy, passport and photocopy, marriage certificate. The birth certificate is stamped on the registration of the child's place of residence. With him go to the housing office and get a certificate of residency of the child and of his joint accommodation with you. It is needed to receive benefits on the newborn
Get medical a policy point of delivery at the children's clinic at the place of residence or the insurance company. Please bring your birth certificate of the child and the passport of one of parents (with a note on residence permit in the territory of which this clinic serves). Remember, medical care to the newborn under 6 months in our country have for free, even if they have no medical insurance.
Visit the regional Department of the FMS and apply for child citizenship. To do this, hand your passport and birth certificate of the child. Stamp on citizenship put down on the back of the birth certificate the same day. Now your baby is a new citizen of Russia.