Advice 1: How to make a house in property

We congratulate you – you have your house. But to call a full master of you yet can not, because first you need to register ownership. It does not matter - you bought a house constructed or inherited. To make his ownership, according to Russian law you are obliged in any case.
How to make a house in property
You will need
  • Basic documents:
  • - Your ID (passport);
  • - The cadastral passport (not necessary if previously submitted and has been placed in your case).
  • Additional documents:
  • a) When you make a new, just built house:
  • - A document certifying the right of ownership (lease) on the land on which the house is built (not required if the right to land is already registered in the prescribed manner);
  • - Documents which confirm the fact of building (permission to enter houses in operation).
  • b) When the design of the house received by inheritance:
  • - A contract (agreement) on the division of property inherited;
  • - A certificate of inheritance.
  • C) buying a house (in this case the ownership right is registered simultaneously with the acquisition of real estate):
  • - Document of title of the seller;
  • - The documents establishing the occurrence of the right (the contract of purchase and sale, etc.).
Check the package your existing documents that you will need to place the house in the property. Make copies of all these documents.
Go to any Bank and pay the state fee for registration 1000 rubles, immediately make a copy of the receipt.
Call the references and find out about foster days, focusing on what you want to draw a house in the property. Come to the Federal service for state registration, fill out the application (approved form) and submit it with all the above documents specialist. The application may also be filled with a host worker.
Get from a specialist of Federal registration service receipt of documents delivered, which will set the date when you have to pick up the certificate.
Wait a month, since registration is performed during this period. After a month, on the specified date, go to the state registry and will receive a Certificate of state registration. Now you are the full owner of his home and may, if necessary, to commit him any action.

Advice 2 : How to draw a house in the country

Making your home on dacha is a process that requires only the accurate implementation of all necessary steps. You will also need the documents stipulated by the legislation to obtain ownership of the property.
How to draw a house in the country
You will need
  • - a statement to fed;
  • - receipt about payment of state duty;
  • - passport;
  • - cadastral plan or the conclusion of the horticultural society;
  • - the Declaration of immovable property.
To place a house in the country, you need to collect the documents and submit to the Federal registration service. To do this you must write a statement on the state registration of property rights, pay the state fee and keep the receipt.
You will also need the passport of the applicant, the title document for the plot, the cadastral plan of the land plot, the power of attorney certified by a notary, if your interests are represented by a third party.
Prepare a Declaration of immovable property. This document confirms the presence of the building, the construction of which requires no special permissions and contains its description. The form for filling in the Declaration take in the division of the Federal registration service. The document must be completed without errors and corrections, and only in relation to one property. All responsibility for the accuracy of the data carries the person who completed the Declaration.
If the Board of a horticultural society will give you the conclusion that the house is within the boundaries of the site, cadastral plan can not provide. But in the absence of the fed's constitutive documents of the partnership you will need to this conclusion to make a number of official papers. This package should include the Charter of a legal entity, state registration certificate, certificate of registration in the register of legal persons, the certificate on statement on the tax account, the decision of the authorised body on election of the Chairman.
In the absence of such findings, and also the cadastral plan write an application to get a plan to the architectural bodies of the local administration. Apply for a landmark deal with the help of a specialist organization, which is engaged in the demarcation and submit to the cadastral chamber. After registration of all documents, the term of which does not exceed fifteen working days, take the cadastral plan.
All documents for registration of summer houses should be provided in two copies – original and copy. The registration period will be about one month.
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