You will need
  • - passport;
  • - country cadastral passport of the land plot; - title document.
Check that you have the legal documents. These documents include the Decree of the head of the district administration on the allocation of land for horticulture with the attached list of owners or certificate of ownership issued prior to 2001.If such documents are not available, asking about their results, contact the district archive at the location of the suburban area.
Get cadastral passport in the regional Department of Land cadastral chamber. To do this, visit cadastral chamber and write there the application for receipt of the cadastral passport of the land plot country. Specialist cadastral chamber will assist in the preparation of such a statement. Keep in mind that since 2011, the results of the cadastral passport – service paid. The fee is 200 rubles. After 5 days from the moment of filing the application for obtaining a cadastral passport, you must come to the cadastral chamber for the finished document. To order the cadastral passport also you can use the Internet service of Rosreestr. To do this, go to the website and in the section "Provided services" to order the cadastral passport. There you will be able to see all the characteristics of the land, subject to relevant sections of your data. Getting the cadastral passport through the Internet will cost you half the price and will amount to 100 rubles.
Having the cadastral passport and the title document, in regional management of Federal registration apply for the registration of the certificate on the property right to the land. Specialist of the Federal registration service will help you to fill out an application and will ask you the documents to verify their authenticity. If all the documents you provided will meet the requirements of legislation, after 20 working days after submission you will receive a certificate of state registration of ownership rights on a country land.