For registration of the deed of the Federal registration service identifies the following documents:
• passports of the donor and the donee;
• title document (which confirms the ownership right of the grantor to the property which is the object of the contract);
• certificate of state registration of property rights;
• the cadastral passport;
• extract from the house register about registered in apartment (house);
• extract from the BTI of the inventory value of real estate. If the object of the contract of gift is land, the necessary regulatory assessment of land resources, as well as a certificate confirming absence of debt on payment of land taxes;
• actually, the donation contract, which should contain the passport data and addresses of the parties to the contract, as well as the subject of the gift and the title document.
This list is not final, as each real estate transaction is unique and, because of certain circumstances, you may need some documents:
• the consent of the spouse, notarized, in that case, if the object of the agreement is their joint property acquired during marriage;
• if the donor is not married (or was at the time of acquisition of the property or it was acquired through donation and therefore is not joint property of spouses), this fact should be confirmed by an appropriate notary statement;
• if there is a gifting part of the premises, then the consent of all owners (notarized);
• consent of the guardianship, if the apartment (house) resident minors or incapacitated persons.
After collecting the documents, you must submit a relevant application and a receipt confirming payment of the state registration in the Federal registration service (FRS). It records the transaction and gives the donee a certificate of ownership.