You will need
  • The deed to the house. This can be a contract = sale, certificate of inheritance or donation. Fresh passport.
  • The documents on the ground. This can be a contract = sale, certificate of inheritance or of donation, perpetuity or on lease land.
Cause special land use organization. They are on the ground carry out all necessary work. This is a measurement of the area of the earth, cartographic survey, designated the boundaries of the land. In some cases you need to produce a written agreement setting the borders between the plots, with the neighbors, if the survey was not made earlier.
Simultaneously, land works cause equipment from the Bureau of technical inventory. It records all changes in the layout of the house and outbuildings that have occurred since the last manufacture of technical passports, and produces a new passport in the house and outbuildings. If no changes have occurred, you still need to do a new technical certificate because the expiration date is 5 years.
When the surveyors do all the paperwork for the land plot, go to the Federal center for state registration, cadastre and cartography, made to give the documents on the site, it is assigned a cadastral number.
Once done the technical passport of the house, received the cadastral document for the land, in the state registration chamber to register the right to property. Before that you need to pay state duty. A separate receipt for the registration and registration of land.
You will be given a certificate of ownership, certificate of ownership of land.