Make a contract for the sale of the room. Ideally it is better to entrust lawyers or rental firm, however not everyone has that opportunity. If you have undertaken to draw up the contract yourself, be aware of its essential terms, without which the contract would not admit to prisoners. This is the subject of the contract - room and its price. Specify all of the information about the room in which it is possible to identify the address of the apartment in which it is located, its area. Mark it on the plan of the apartment and attach it to the contract.
To the contract, make the act of reception-transmission room. It shall contain data about the seller and the buyer data room and the information that the room is handed over in proper condition. The act along with the contract is served in bodies of Federal registration service for registration. You must have three copies of the contract (seller, buyer, and bodies of Federal registration service) and three copies of the act.
Assemble the remaining documents that need to be present in bodies of Federal registration service for registration. The buyer will need statements on the state registration of the agreement and transfer to the room, the passport and receipt of payment of state duty for registration. The seller will need to submit the same statements, passport, certificate of ownership, extract from the house register, the consent of bodies of guardianship and guardianship, if you live in a flat minor, the consent of the spouse on sale of the room, a notarized refusal of the other owners of premises in apartment from the pre-emptive right of purchase of the room.
Submit the documents to the bodies of Rosreestr. On the schedule of their work can be found on the corresponding website: After 30 days, the transaction must be registered. The seller must obtain in the organs rosreestra your copy of the contract of sale with a stamp of the Registrar, and the buyer - a copy of the certificate of ownership.