You will need
  • - the statement;
  • - passport;
  • - receipt of payment for services issuance of duplicate;
  • - photocopies of lost or damaged documents (if available).
If you have lost the certificate of title or it came in a state of disrepair, contact the Federal office of the state registration of the centre at which you received this document. Complete the application, specify the reason for the loss of or damage to the certificate of ownership, present your passport, pay the state fee. After 30 days you will issue a duplicate.
In case of loss or damage to the contract of purchase and sale, contact the notary office at the place of its conclusion. Pay for notary services, write a statement about the loss, please show your passport. If you have entered into a contract in writing and has not assured him of a notary, and this arrangement was allowed from January 1, 2006, to obtain a copy you can with the instance of the seller, which is stored in the second contract. Or contact FPRC where there are photocopies of all documents submitted for registration, including the contract of sale. You will be given a photocopy of the document.
Lost certificate of inheritance, donation contract, you can recover in the notary's office or in PPRC. For this you need to contact one of these organizations, a statement, a passport, to present the receipt of payment for services. Based on the submitted documents, you will be given a copy, if you asked the notary, or the copy, if you asked FPRC.
Lost the cadastral or technical documents on the apartment , you can recover by contacting BTI. If from the moment of registration has passed more than 5 years, you will have to call a technician and pay for his services, after which you will revise documents and give the necessary notices.
The documents for the apartmentreceived under the contract of social hiring, can be restored, through the Department of housing policy that operates in each regional administration. Write a statement, present your valid passport. You will be given a copy of the contract of social hiring. A photocopy of this document you can obtain by contacting FPRC, where check all agreements executed for a term exceeding 1 year.