You will need
  • To obtain the extract from the house register you will need:
  • help BTI or certificate of registration chamber of the ownership right on apartment;
  • -agreement of purchase and sale or donation;
  • -the passport, the birth certificate of all living in the apartment.
The excerpt from the book can be obtained in different instances. For example, in legal centres. Price for Bank account statement up to 7.5 thousand rubles. And you can take it absolutely free in the dispensation of the place of registration of premises.
How to get a statement in the house book
To get the extract, you just need to come to the housing office at the place of residence. With them, you must have the following documents: certificate of BTI or certificate of registration chamber on the right of ownership of the apartment; a contract of sale or donation; passports, birth certificates of everyone living in the apartment. Only in this case you will be given an extract from the house register.
Upon presentation of all required documents the statement is provided immediately on the day of submission of the application. If some documents will not suffice, the passport can expand you back. Dosobirat the necessary documents. Such rigidity is necessary to protect private information.