A clear sign that your housing is settled the house is that at night you hear footsteps of unknown origin, the sounds in the kitchen, various knocks, strange noises, and you know exactly what their sources may not be members of your family. To have a brownie in your home to have a sense of comfort and to the owners he had grace, his should placate.
Brownie, who lives in the apartment of multi storey house, completely different from the brownie, who lives in the house of the private sector, because he adores treats with milk and honey, and various sweets. Before you buy a house, you should find his "permanent residence". To detect "permanent residence" is not difficult. He loves the heat and is clearly hiding near the stove.
Pour in the brownie platter with fresh honeycomb, and near the saucer with honey, put a glass of milk. If its for brownie milk will be very interested cat – nothing in this terrible there, just the house in apartments and private homes, often infused into the animal. And in General, the cat house is very friendly as it is very sensitive and even mystical creatures that protect the house from harm.