Advice 1: How to get a job in MES

Often the work in the MOE attracts young people with its romance. However, it is worth noting that quite often it is associated with certain difficulties and dangers. Therefore, the main requirement for applicants is the age 18 to 40 years, as well as health. People with chronic illness or disability, to work in the MOE can't. In addition, MOE specialists are constantly in stressful situations, so it is necessary and special psychological training.
In order to become a lifeguard, we need not only the muscles, but the ability to act quickly in emergency situations
You will need
  • In order to get a job in the MOE, you must be 18 to 40 years. You also need to have good health and secondary education. For men, it is desirable passage of urgent military service.
Set in the MOE is performed on a common basis. Therefore, can participate in it both men and women.
Please contact the personnel Department of the Ministry. Learn about career opportunities. If there are suitable posts, leave your resume. Remember that the position of middle or senior officers can claim only people with the appropriate secondary or higher education. In his absence, you can claim only the posts of privates and Junior officers.
If you meet all the requirements, then most likely, you will be asked to undergo a medical examination. It is somewhat different from what are recruits. You may also have to answer a few questions that will determine your psychological preparation.
If you have a criminal record, on the work of the MOE can be forgotten. It is also not recommended to take the service of people judged to be incompetent.
Useful advice
The MOE can work not only rescuers. For example, if you have the right, you can get the driver.

Advice 2 : How to get the MoE

The profession of a rescuer, which is difficult and risky, is one of the most difficult professions. As a consequence, to the person who works as a lifeguard or firefighter must meet specific requirements. Now, in order to become an employee of MES is necessary to conduct some activities, which we consider next.

How to get the MoE
For starters, it is advisable to visit the official website of the MOE, to prepare theoretically. Then find the phone, any information service to know the address and phone number of personnel Department of Ministry of emergency situations and immediately go right back there. These services are arranged just so.
The service in the units and bodies for emergency situations shall be credited to a voluntary or contractual basis adult citizens who can own the business and moral qualities, health, and education, to perform the duties of the service. Evaluate your capabilities in this regard.
Selection of applicants for service, as a rule, by results of competition. Key features of competitive selection include: military service in similar military occupations, a good physical preparation of the applicant, the presence of discharges in the various sports disciplines, any related civilian occupations, as well as the lack of any sort of criminal record (of attraction to administrative and criminal responsibility) of the applicant and his family. These parameters will also be useful to assess his candidacy.
If you and your loved ones appreciate your chances to enter service in MOE - don't delay!Submit documents in the prescribed form and pass all the necessary tests and competitions with the belief in success. Of course, in General, the labor market is now quite varied, but you must remember one very serious profession - a firefighter. As they come to the rescue in the most difficult situations, risking their own lives to rescue those who were in trouble. We just have to appreciate their honest work and to be grateful for their courage. Today the profession is more relevant than ever.

Advice 3 : How to get to MoE

Every year service in the Ministry of Emergency Situations is becoming more prestigious and more relevant. Agree, we are nice to watch on TV, when well-organized teams of professionals carry out difficult and dangerous operations and can save people's lives. Probably everyone who at least once in my life wanted to be as strong and brave rescuer, as an employee of MCHS. If you feel you have high moral character, good health and desire to work for the good of society, then this profession is for you.
How to get to MoE
Successfully complete one of the educational institutions of the Ministry of emergency situations. In Russia there are several universities and academies related to this structural unit. To enroll in school , emergencies can have at the age of 17. For this we need to provide the results of the Unified State examination and the standard package of documents for admission. In the presence of the admissions Committee to pass the required standards of physical training and pass a psychological interview.
Contact the personnel service of the Ministry of emergency situations. In each region of the Russian Federation works personnel service , Ministry of emergency situations. There you can find information about the reception of citizens in bodies of emergency situations. Enrollment is based on a contractual or voluntary basis.
Enroll in the service. Entering the service always takes place on a competitive basis. This point is taken into account not only the assessment from the Academy, but also the characteristics of the schools, in the army, the presence of discharges in the sport, lack of criminal record in the applicant for the service and his relatives, driving license, health status, personal qualities. During a conversation with the personnel officer should make a positive impression and to tell you about all the important moments of your life that could affect your employment.
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