How to distinguish the genuine from the false vacancy

Many websites offering services to find work do not have time to verify the accuracy of information on any employer. The applicant himself / herself must be vigilant.

The first thing you should pay attention to the job title and requirements. If you see the post of "Assistant Manager", and requirements are minimal: "age and Experience do not matter", such vacancy shall be alerted.

Any self-respecting employer will clearly specify the job requirements, as this determines the further cooperation. Jobs in companies engaged in wholesale trade, it must be indicated the direction of: medical goods, appliances, clothing, etc.


To avoid the scams and distinguish the real from the false vacancy, required the comparison and verification of this information. If jobs says that the company is stable, large and on the market for over 10 years, and on the Internet about it, there is no detailed information, therefore, information about jobs or embellished. In a stable growing company should be your logo, website and landline phone.

How to avoid the scams in the interview at employment

If you do decide to go for the interview and check out the company personally, not in a hurry to fill in the questionnaire, passport data and other personal information. Look at the details.

About the pacifier and network marketing may indicate a small office without any identifying marks, empty tables and the presence in this crowded of a plurality of heads, each of which is an individual record.

Smiling head (usually too young to take the presidency) will please you, as a family man: "How was the trip? How do you feel?" etc. All these personal questions required for the location of man to himself.


Next, you will offer totally free training, during which good looking the lecturer long and hard to talk about how hard it is to get a decent job and what is unreal, you should be able to achieve with their company after a couple of years.

You can ask to donate a small amount to a training manual, pass a training disk, etc. If you do not want to become a victim of fraud in the field of employment, never make any funds!

How to recognize an insolvent employer

There are times when the company seems to be stable, all the information is verified, the interview does not arouse suspicion and doubt, but you are asked to work a week or two to look at". According to the labour code, neither of which unpaid internships cannot be considered. Probation included in the seniority, and the employer is obliged to issue the employee within 5 working days from the time you began your duties.

Such unpaid part would-be company is trying to remove the workload of full-time employees. However, the main concerns will fall on your shoulders, and get paid, they will be.


To recognize an insolvent employer, talk with other staff: how long work what level of salary, time enrolled. Only studied in detail the vacancy, the Manager and the team as a whole to avoid mistakes.