Who works at the firehouse

The fire Department employs people of different professions with different training level. Fire protection engineers are preparing in the Academies of the Ministry. Such higher educational institutions in Russia 13.

Rank and file firefighters are trained in fire and rescue colleges, where special attention is paid to physical training. In addition, future firefighters, a lot of studies are carried out with specialized fire equipment with which they have to work on duty. Doing fire tactics and technique, there are social and humanitarian disciplines. The best in the country – Novosibirsk school. A graduate of fire school goes to the rank of Lieutenant of internal service.

In addition, training in the specialty "fire safety" you can go to the following universities: Ural Federal University named after. the first President of Russia B. N. Yeltsin, Ural state mining University, Magnitogorsk state technical University. G. I. Nosova, Ural state forest engineering University, etc. After the end of a specialized fire Department receives the rank of Lieutenant.

Without special education

However, in the ranks of the firefighters can get people who do not have specialized education. Welcome guys serving in the army. But the fire, having only a secondary education, deprived of the opportunity to enter the officers to move up the career ladder. Become an expert of the fire service in the presence of secondary education is possible after graduating from 2-3-month course. They gain knowledge about the basics of mountaineering – because fire often working at height.

To enter the fire should be people who are in good physical health. For reviews of experienced specialists healthier fire service fire only astronaut and pilot.

The job of a firefighter is not only to exit on the burning objects. Between visits, there are constant training, developed plans for fighting fires and so Fire must be strong and sturdy. To work in the firehouse will have to undergo one medical examination, and perform a variety of psychological tests.

During training a firefighter receives knowledge and skills necessary for providing psychological and medical care. Give artificial respiration or CPR will be able to any person connected with the life with such a difficult, but noble work.

The salary of a firefighter is on average 30 thousand rubles. However, it depends on many factors: experience, rank, etc. the average firefighter works to 45 years. Then it decides the fate of the leadership.