The diploma of the school guards. As a rule, school fees paid and it lasts about three months. At the end of the learning process you will have to pass a qualifying examination before the Commission under the authority of the interior. To a degree, only those future guards who successfully passed the examination test.
Obtaining a license security guard. The guard card is issued to those who already have the diploma of the school guards. Besides the diploma, you must provide a number of documents including a medical certificate that confirms that your health meets established standards.The lack of a diploma or license will not be a hindrance when applying for a job as a security guardif you stay in this area for a long time you are going. In any city of Russia there are the private security enterprises (chop), employing security guards without any qualification. But be prepared for the fact that to find a job that meets your expectations for salary and working conditions will be much more difficult. In reputable organizations having a license is a requirement.
Browse newspaper ads in your city, and career sites on the Internet. Job offers for security guards found quite a lot.
Don't be afraid to offer his candidacy in the interest of chop and other businesses, even if the vacancies you have not found. But first make sure that you meet the company's requirements. Most security companies want to see in the ranks of his employees security guards:
•a driver's license,
•who served in the armed forces,
•having positive characteristics with the previous place of work,
•higher education (for personal security guards and bodyguards). Sometimes there are restrictions on growth. The optimal growth 175-185 cm Has value and age. If you are at least 21 years and not more than 50, to get a job as a security guard will be easier.An additional advantage for you can be a successful experience in special units of the interior Ministry and the FSB of Russia, the presence of a belt or a title in martial arts, the title of master of sports. Some security firms are valued employees who speak foreign languages.