Car chases, shootouts, secret appearances and passwords... All of this sounds tempting to those who dream of becoming a secret service agent. What will it take?

As it happens

I must say that undercover agents usually recruited. If a person has an overwhelming desire to become a special agent, he can contact the nearest police or FSB and to Express their intentions. What happens next is hard to say. If the person be interested in them for some criteria, it can make it into an agent state. Recruitment, which involved the security services of all countries, all built equally. Developed a number of activities that help to identify the motive that could have an influence on the interested person.

Here are the main ideas of Verbania agents:

Ideological and political. Such a relationship between the agent and the secret service is very strong. A man who went on a step, unable to move the frustration in politics the incumbent, human rights violations and more. These agents are always ready to sacrifice himself for an idea.

Compromising. Here too, everything is clear. On for intelligence of the person is searched for incriminating evidence, which in the future will be the key to a long and fruitful life.

Material. Money is the best incentive. What greater interest is the agent for the security services, the more they pay him. Wanting to curtail cooperation, the agent shall cease to pay at all.

Moral and psychological, based on a sense of greed, vanity, revenge and others. However, to create strong agents this is not a very good Foundation. The ideal variant is when this idea is reinforced by one or more of the above ideas.

Qualities possessed by the agents

A burning desire to become a secret service agent, but do not know how and don't want to. But here the necessary powers. For example, you have to speak several languages. And not just speak, but to speak to native speakers perceived the agent as his own. Highly valued interpersonal skills, the art to win the interlocutor and the ability to be fluent in the language of the body, that is, not only voice but also facial expressions, posture and gestures to Express their desires.

Person should be well versed in technology, able to work with listening devices to know "5+" electrician, to be able to "walk through walls" and to crack the most complicated passwords. Good agent is a lone wolf, without a family, children and friends. A man accustomed to walk on the razor's edge", for which a simple quiet life is equivalent to death. Cold mind, shrewdness, superhuman strength and good health – these are the qualities of the ideal agent, ready at any moment to "look into the eyes of death".