Advice 1: How to get a job at the airport

Romance of the skies each year attracts more and more willing to work on the flights. However, the applicants for the job of flight attendants and pilots must meet considerable demands. So if you for some reasons are unable to work directly on the lines, try to get a job in ground service of the airline.
How to get a job at the airport
Review the job listings of the airlines. You are interested in the vacancy can be found in Newspapers and on their websites. If you are unable to find an appropriate vacancy, please contact directly to the airport, which is owned by one or the other airline.
Before apply to employees of personnel services the airportand read the list of vacancies, which can usually be found on the Bulletin Board in the waiting room of the personnel Department. Take the HR form and fill in the questionnaire. In the questionnaire, specify:
- the job title;
- experience in a similar or related position;
- the level of education, language proficiency and PC;
- passport details;
- information about the parents.
If you have a medium or high level of language proficiency, you may be asked to fill in a second questionnaire, written in a language that you understand.
Take your completed application form and refer to the HR officer with the request for its consideration. Usually the forms for a position on the airport shall be considered immediately, in the presence of the candidate. If you indicated that you have a good level of proficiency in any foreign language, an initial interview may be held in this language.
If the HR is interested in you as a potential employee, he will direct you to the interview with the head of the Department where you plan to apply for jobs (e.g., dispatching service, security service, etc.).
Before going to the second round of interviews, read the rules, conditions and specifics of work in this airport. To do this, talk privately with the employees of the Department where you want to work with. Evaluate all the "pros" and "cons" of a position on that count.
Be prepared for the fact that your future boss will ask you questions that are not associated with personal data. Especially be well prepared to answer questions regarding previous jobs and the reasons for the dismissal.
If the Director liked your answers and he is willing to take you on job, pass the medical examination in the medical service of the airportand pass the language test (if required). If the results of the examination and a language test is positive, go to the personnel Department of the airportand where you submit your personal application, signed by the chief, a certificate of health and a certification sheet. HR will promptly enroll you in the state.

Advice 2 : How to get to the airport "Domodedovo"

Find jobs in airport "Domodedovo" you can use Internet portals on employment, Newspapers and magazines, as well as using own initiative. Below are just a few ways by which you will be able to get a coveted position at the airport "Domodedovo".
How to get to the airport "Domodedovo"
The Internet. On such websites as,, there is a special section of jobs in the sector "transport" for applicants. Here you can choose "air" and see what the offer is at the airport "Domodedovo". Requires engineers, technicians, porters, stewards. Think about whatever job you wanted to take — maybe-consultant or Manager? In this case, you must enter a search string for the desired job position, e.g. sales duty free. Then make a selection, marking the airport "Domodedovo", and you will have a few or one position. Also visit the official website of the airport "Domodedovo". In section "vacancies" you will be able to find something suitable.
Print media. If you are offered a newspaper "Work&Study", it should carefully examine the employment newspaper, distributed free, contains jobs at airports. These vacancies may not be in a separate section, so it is better to search for posts. For example, if you wish to work as a driver on tarmac, then you need to open the "logistics, transportation, transportation". In kiosks quite a lot sold by various publications on employment, so you the seller will suggest the most relevant Newspapers.
Own initiative! You must arrive at the airport "Domodedovo", taking with him a summary. Next you should approach the airport officials and to find out how you can meet representatives of personnel services. You may also proceed, for example, to the booths and ask — if they are not required cashiers. Ask for phone numbers HR professionals airport services. Be confident, and then you will succeed.
Personnel services. There are many recruitment agencies and specialists who will help you to understand the job of the airport "Domodedovo". Phone specialist recruitment services for candidates you will find on the Internet, magazines, job boards and phone directory.
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