Advice 1: How to get a job at the airport

Romance of the skies each year attracts more and more willing to work on the flights. However, the applicants for the job of flight attendants and pilots must meet considerable demands. So if you for some reasons are unable to work directly on the lines, try to get a job in ground service of the airline.
How to get a job at the airport
Review the job listings of the airlines. You are interested in the vacancy can be found in Newspapers and on their websites. If you are unable to find an appropriate vacancy, please contact directly to the airport, which is owned by one or the other airline.
Before apply to employees of personnel services the airportand read the list of vacancies, which can usually be found on the Bulletin Board in the waiting room of the personnel Department. Take the HR form and fill in the questionnaire. In the questionnaire, specify:
- the job title;
- experience in a similar or related position;
- the level of education, language proficiency and PC;
- passport details;
- information about the parents.
If you have a medium or high level of language proficiency, you may be asked to fill in a second questionnaire, written in a language that you understand.
Take your completed application form and refer to the HR officer with the request for its consideration. Usually the forms for a position on the airport shall be considered immediately, in the presence of the candidate. If you indicated that you have a good level of proficiency in any foreign language, an initial interview may be held in this language.
If the HR is interested in you as a potential employee, he will direct you to the interview with the head of the Department where you plan to apply for jobs (e.g., dispatching service, security service, etc.).
Before going to the second round of interviews, read the rules, conditions and specifics of work in this airport. To do this, talk privately with the employees of the Department where you want to work with. Evaluate all the "pros" and "cons" of a position on that count.
Be prepared for the fact that your future boss will ask you questions that are not associated with personal data. Especially be well prepared to answer questions regarding previous jobs and the reasons for the dismissal.
If the Director liked your answers and he is willing to take you on job, pass the medical examination in the medical service of the airportand pass the language test (if required). If the results of the examination and a language test is positive, go to the personnel Department of the airportand where you submit your personal application, signed by the chief, a certificate of health and a certification sheet. HR will promptly enroll you in the state.

Advice 2 : How to get a job as a flight attendant

A few decades ago to get a job as a flight attendant was extremely difficult. Now the situation is different: major airlines taking on the job even without experience and give training courses.
The appearance of flight attendants is subject to special requirements.
You will need
  • - slim figure
  • - knowledge of a foreign language
  • - no defects on the face and hands
  • good health
  • - stress
To get a job as a flight attendant today is possible without special training. However, the requirements of most airlines almost always the same. Therefore, before trying to get to work, you need to allocate some time to match them.
Most of the requirements relate to appearance. Rise of flight attendants should be between 165-180 cm, stewards, 175-190. Age - 18 to 30 years. Of course, your height and age you can not change. But other options - completely.
Clothing size girls should not exceed 46, boys 54. So if you have a distinct excess weight, you should lose weight.
Remove visible areas of the skin all kinds of tattoo, piercing, and large birthmarks and other defects that can be eliminated. Contact your dentist and correct the serious dental problems, if any. Because the flight attendant is the face of the airline, so pretty and well-groomed appearance is very important.
External data stewards must meet strict requirements.
Engage education. Higher education is not necessary, but preferable. Also, all airlines require knowledge of a foreign language. While there are some that are absolutely not English and some other language, depending on the specifics of the flights. Sign up for a crash course in a foreign language, to master it at an average level in the shortest possible time.
Learn the basic rules of etiquette because you have to deal with the customer service.
Pay attention to their health, strengthen immunity and cure all chronic diseases. Enjoy sports like Jogging or fitness. Before applying for a job you have to undergo a medical examination. Yes, and good form does not hurt you in any way.
A flight attendant must be in great shape to serve passengers.
Prepare summary. Reflect all your data and skills, and also describe in a few lines why you want to work flight attendant.
Send CV with photo directly to the airline, where you would like to get. Previously find out about training courses in these companies, of potential career growth and the main directions of flight.
To get <strong>flight attendant</strong>, you should apply directly to the airline.
If you have health problems, think carefully should you choose to work flight attendant. Overload, jet lag, stress, penetrating radiation - is not the best way impact on your health.
Useful advice
Find out about additional privileges. Different airlines offer various packages for their employees: corporate lending, health insurance, discounted flights for family members.
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