Try to do can a person between the ages of 17 to 40 years. Mandatory condition after 26 years is higher education. Also try their hand can and girls.
One of the stages of entrance exams is to test physical fitness. Check in advance the regulations that you have to take, because every year they change. Typically, this standard tests the pull – UPS, one hundred meters, comprehensive strength training and cross.
The main subjects that you have to take are math, Russian language, social studies, physics. In our time a form of taking is the exam. Passing points is determined annually. Go to electives, do it yourself, hire a tutor.
With the passage of entrance examinations conducted professional and psychological selection. It aims to identify the correctness of the choice chosen profession. This part does not require thorough preparation. You just need to calm down and be confident. If the applicant is really serious in relation to their chosen profession and a long way to goal, with a professionally-psychological selection he will have no problems.