Advice 1: What to do in the EMERCOM of Russia

In our time, the training institutes of the MOE is quite promising and prestigious choice. Training in itself is as complicated as the flow. Its complexity lies in great passing grade, the number of applicants for one place. Because the number of educational institutions of EMERCOM of Russia is very small. Deciding to become a cadet educational institutions of the Ministry of emergency situations, the applicant will need to pass several stages: preparation for entrance tests, professional psychological selection, entrance exams.
What to do in the EMERCOM of Russia
Try to do can a person between the ages of 17 to 40 years. Mandatory condition after 26 years is higher education. Also try their hand can and girls.
One of the stages of entrance exams is to test physical fitness. Check in advance the regulations that you have to take, because every year they change. Typically, this standard tests the pull – UPS, one hundred meters, comprehensive strength training and cross.
The main subjects that you have to take are math, Russian language, social studies, physics. In our time a form of taking is the exam. Passing points is determined annually. Go to electives, do it yourself, hire a tutor.
With the passage of entrance examinations conducted professional and psychological selection. It aims to identify the correctness of the choice chosen profession. This part does not require thorough preparation. You just need to calm down and be confident. If the applicant is really serious in relation to their chosen profession and a long way to goal, with a professionally-psychological selection he will have no problems.
Useful advice
Carefully consider your choice - are you ready for such a serious step into the future. Compare your desires and your opportunities.

Advice 2: What to do in MoE

Educational institutions of the Ministry of Emergency Situations year after year attracts a growing number of students. This may be due to constant reports on TV and in the Newspapers, where a courageous, confident MCHS-Niki come to the aid of people in distress. By the way, some schools MSCH take not only boys but also girls. Total in Russia there are several academies and universities belonging to the Ministry of emergency situations. This Academy fire service in Moscow, University of state fire service in St. Petersburg, the institutions in Ivanovo, Vologda. Conditions of admission are determined annually by the Order "On the professional selection of candidates for study in educational institutions of EMERCOM of Russia fire-technical profile.
To become an officer of the Ministry after studying at a special school
In order to become a cadet educational institutions of the Ministry of emergency situations in the first place, you need to provide the results of the Unified state exam in Russian language, mathematics, physics, social studies and physical training. The exact set of objects depends on the chosen specialty. Passing scores on each subject is determined annually, in accordance with the Order of the Ministry of education and science and the Ministry of EMERCOM of Russia.
Together with the results of the exam to the admissions office of the institution applicants must provide a standard set of documents. This is a copy of the passport, the document on education (original or notarized copy), military ID or registration certificate, application for admission, application form, six photos size 3x4 cm. And also the certificate on passage of medical examination, without which it will not allow to passing the standards.
In the presence of the admissions Committee will need to take the exam for physical training. It includes sprint, pull-UPS, cross and integrated strength exercises. If the entrant enters in the correspondence Department, regulations to take from him will not require.
- To enroll in education institutions of MOE, starting with the 17. Upper age limit – 40 years, taking into account that the person already have one higher education.

Candidates for admission must attend the psychological interview, where they revealed their personal qualities and suitability for this study.
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