First, you need to contact the place where you want to get (to the district or city Department, etc.). The appointment to the head office and pass an initial interview. In the presence of free vacancies in the staff and approved by the chief, get in the personnel Department application forms and carefully fill them.
After you have submitted an application to the personnel Department give you a list of documents to be submitted by a certain date. This biography, completed application, insurance certificate, INN, and numerous copies of other documents.
Next, you give direction to the military medical Commission (VVK). However, before her passing, you have to gather some help from the local clinic, drug treatment, mental and TB dispensaries (not are on the account).
Take the civil clinic outpatient card statements for the last years and are the collected reference for IHC. Immediately you give the act you want to go through 5 doctors. The final verdict made by the Chairman of the VVK. Such a Commission pass is quite difficult, so you must be confident in your excellent physical health.
VVK if you were found fit for service in the police Department, the next challenge will be the passage of JRS (psychological examination). In the process of passing psychological tests, you can offer to be examined on the "polygraph" (lie detector). Try to answer the questions sincerely, as this will depend on the final decision of the Commission.
Next, gather all of your medical records and go with them back to the personnel Department.
The final stage of the device to work in militia (police) will receive the referral to specialized training, which can last up to six months. Before the trip, you receive a corresponding certificate and after training in a special centre you become a policeman (the police).