For starters, it is advisable to visit the official website of the MOE, to prepare theoretically. Then find the phone, any information service to know the address and phone number of personnel Department of Ministry of emergency situations and immediately go right back there. These services are arranged just so.
The service in the units and bodies for emergency situations shall be credited to a voluntary or contractual basis adult citizens who can own the business and moral qualities, health, and education, to perform the duties of the service. Evaluate your capabilities in this regard.
Selection of applicants for service, as a rule, by results of competition. Key features of competitive selection include: military service in similar military occupations, a good physical preparation of the applicant, the presence of discharges in the various sports disciplines, any related civilian occupations, as well as the lack of any sort of criminal record (of attraction to administrative and criminal responsibility) of the applicant and his family. These parameters will also be useful to assess his candidacy.
If you and your loved ones appreciate your chances to enter service in MOE - don't delay!Submit documents in the prescribed form and pass all the necessary tests and competitions with the belief in success. Of course, in General, the labor market is now quite varied, but you must remember one very serious profession - a firefighter. As they come to the rescue in the most difficult situations, risking their own lives to rescue those who were in trouble. We just have to appreciate their honest work and to be grateful for their courage. Today the profession is more relevant than ever.