Before you start to look for work in shifts, you have a clear idea of what the job is. The point is not whether you are widely in demand in the North specialty or not, and that work in harsh conditions could be potentially dangerous. So before you start looking, go through a full examination in hospital, even if you feel perfectly healthy. Help from doctors you need and for submission to a potential employer if the organization in which you decide to get really serious.
Go to the website and carefully read all the requirements for seeking employment on a rotational basis. Read and working conditions, based on the labour code, which must be strictly complied with by any employer. This information will help you if in the process of search of work, or during the first days on the watch you'll be faced with the unfair attitude towards you and your work.
Go to sites that are usually placed want ads and find appropriate jobs. Don't forget to place your ads in which to accurately (and honestly, as North, what is called, no joke), point to all information about themselves, in your opinion, can interest a potential employer.
Contact recruitment Agency with a good reputation and fill in the questionnaire. Please note that recruitment Agency who cooperate with major employers, money for service of the applicant does not take. So if you have asked for some money for providing information about the work, turn around and leave, because information about vacancies is likely derived from the same Internet or is no longer relevant.
Contact the employment center to determine whether the database exchange ore information about working in shifts. Usually serious organization willing to cooperate with the state employment service. And today is, perhaps, the only way guaranteed to get on the end of the watch all the hard work earned money, albeit not as large as expected.