Relatives of the deceased person will have to gather my thoughts and determine what you need to do first. The most important is to identify space for future graves. Usually these issues are engaged in ritual services. If a relative died at home, you need to take to the hospital a certificate of death. If outside the house, the body sent to the morgue. In this case, and the certificate is issued in the morgue.

You need to have a police officer who must make the report of the examination of the body. You need to obtain a death certificate. Then have a visit to the ritual of the organization where you ordered everything you need for the funeral. The first is the coffin, which will be produced based on the height and weight of the deceased. Second – wreaths with ribbons, they can be made of fresh or artificial flowers. There are candles, towels and other necessary supplies. As for the monument, it is recommended to first apply for a temporary and only a year or permanent. The fact that shrinkage of the earth at the burial site is just over one year.

If a relative was baptized, it is necessary to order the service in the Church and invite the priest to the funeral ceremony. A priest should talk about how to comply with all Church tradition and not make a mistake. It is much more important than hanging loop mirrors and other such legends.

After this funeral, the relatives of the deceased arrange the funeral. The Wake can come by all who knew the deceased. Usually served soup, fish cakes, buckwheat. Put on the table the pancakes with honey and kutya, is served on the third-compote. Funeral you need to consider in advance; or apply to a dining room or cafeteria, or ask distant relatives and friends to help organise a funeral lunch at home.