The Wake on the ninth day

According to legends, the first three days the soul near the body and cannot leave it. But on the fourth day, as a rule, after the funeral, she goes on a short trip. 4 through 9, the day after the death of the soul of a deceased person visits the home of his relatives, near relatives and closest friends. That is why in 9 days the people who best knew the deceased and valued them, arrange a memorial service to say goodbye to the soul, which now leaves them.

According to Christian dogma, from 3rd to 9th day after death, the angels show the soul of the deceased in the abodes of God, allow him to enter Paradise and see the pleasure in store for those who lived a righteous life. By the ninth day the person either forgets all the sorrow and pain he experienced while living in the earthly body, or realizes that he has lived his life wrong and is not able after death to enjoy the beauty of Paradise and peace. Going to the Wake at this time, the closest friends and family members remember him with kind words, pray for him, asking that his soul went to heaven, and the angels see it.

Why spend sorokovyi

After 9 days, according to some beliefs, the soul goes to travel and visit distant relatives, friends, acquaintances, the places that were important to the person during his lifetime. So she travels up to 40 days, trying to do everything, and then leaves the world. Sorokovyi, i.e. the commemoration of 40 day, come all, who wants to say goodbye to the deceased, including those who knew him not too long or not too close. At this time the soul accompany forever, say goodbye to it, and make it to godly and quietly to the deceased could have gone in a different, perhaps better world.

According to Christian beliefs, from 9 to 40 days the soul of the deceased to remember and atone for all sins committed. In addition, at this time, the angels carry her through hell to show what happens to the unrepentant. After all this, the 40th day, the soul appears before the Lord, and then determined its fate – be it in heaven or hell. That is why for Christians, a Wake-sorokovyi extremely important in this day, all who knew the deceased, remember him talking about what a good man he was, trying to atone for his sins. According to legend, seeing this and realizing how many people are in mourning for the dead, the Lord have mercy on the soul not to judge her too harshly, and then allow her to enter Paradise.