Knowledge is power

The death is relatively sudden, because in most cases it is not expected. When this happens, many people are often angry and lost, not expecting this turn of events. It is therefore important to know beforehand about some of the principles and norms of behavior, when the house is deceased, so as not to exacerbate the already unenviable position of his friends and relatives.
It is believed that the person tying the knots in the rags at the time, when the house carried the coffin with the deceased, leads to the family of the deceased damage!

How to behave in the house with the deceased

In the house where is deceased, it is not necessary to talk loudly and, especially, to laugh.

Relatives of the deceased should be all the mirrors, since the mirror is another portal where you can get lost the soul of the deceased, being at this time in the house. In principle, this is the more common explanation: you should close the mirror only to it do not disturb anyone. Besides, it's not pleasant, in the mirror when the coffin with the deceased.

Mourning begins immediately after death and is accompanied by robes dark or black tones. You should not wear this clothes in bright colors. Each for himself determines what he needs to be in a state of mourning. Orthodox Christians this time has no clear boundaries.

Being in the house with the deceased, it is necessary to remove all silver jewelry and things. If the deceased was a believer, then his neck should wear a cross.
Should not be placed near the portrait of the deceased a glass of water (or vodka), covered with a piece of bread. According to legend, this Cup will never come to the soul of the deceased, and will come only the demons.

Friends of the deceased should wash his body only in the daytime. The water which was washing, to pour in a specially dug hole in the place where the people don't go.

While the deceased is in the house, no need to do the Laundry. This is considered a bad omen. Also you should not allow someone to sit on the bed of the dead until the coffin is in the house.

If someone is afraid to be in the house together with the deceased, he should be encouraged to overcome your fear, holding for a time by the feet of the deceased.

All the men that came to say goodbye to the deceased, it is necessary before entering the house to remove their hats.

The coffin with the deceased, as well as the lid of a coffin you can't take friends of the deceased. It is believed that in this way you can trigger another grief in the family.