Advice 1: How to behave when the dead man in the house

There are certain rules and norms of behavior in the house with the deceased person. About them everyone should know, they should be observed strictly. All of this will not deliver the friends and family of the deceased in any way, and not to hurt their feelings.
The mourning event, which can not be finished

Knowledge is power

The death is relatively sudden, because in most cases it is not expected. When this happens, many people are often angry and lost, not expecting this turn of events. It is therefore important to know beforehand about some of the principles and norms of behavior, when the house is deceased, so as not to exacerbate the already unenviable position of his friends and relatives.
It is believed that the person tying the knots in the rags at the time, when the house carried the coffin with the deceased, leads to the family of the deceased damage!

How to behave in the house with the deceased

In the house where is deceased, it is not necessary to talk loudly and, especially, to laugh.

Relatives of the deceased should be all the mirrors, since the mirror is another portal where you can get lost the soul of the deceased, being at this time in the house. In principle, this is the more common explanation: you should close the mirror only to it do not disturb anyone. Besides, it's not pleasant, in the mirror when the coffin with the deceased.

Mourning begins immediately after death and is accompanied by robes dark or black tones. You should not wear this clothes in bright colors. Each for himself determines what he needs to be in a state of mourning. Orthodox Christians this time has no clear boundaries.

Being in the house with the deceased, it is necessary to remove all silver jewelry and things. If the deceased was a believer, then his neck should wear a cross.
Should not be placed near the portrait of the deceased a glass of water (or vodka), covered with a piece of bread. According to legend, this Cup will never come to the soul of the deceased, and will come only the demons.

Friends of the deceased should wash his body only in the daytime. The water which was washing, to pour in a specially dug hole in the place where the people don't go.

While the deceased is in the house, no need to do the Laundry. This is considered a bad omen. Also you should not allow someone to sit on the bed of the dead until the coffin is in the house.

If someone is afraid to be in the house together with the deceased, he should be encouraged to overcome your fear, holding for a time by the feet of the deceased.

All the men that came to say goodbye to the deceased, it is necessary before entering the house to remove their hats.

The coffin with the deceased, as well as the lid of a coffin you can't take friends of the deceased. It is believed that in this way you can trigger another grief in the family.

Advice 2: How to behave at a funeral

Sooner or later each of us becomes a participant in the difficult but necessary ceremony. Regardless of whether you are a close relative of the deceased or your presence is a tribute to human decency - it is necessary to cope with emotions and to behave at the funeral. If you know the basic rules of funeral etiquette in advance, later you will be able to choose the optimal model of behavior.

Following are some mandatory rules:

  1. Closet. Of course, the funeral is not the event where appropriate dressy clothing. Give preference to dark tones. Women should cover their heads. Have a few clean handkerchiefs.

  2. Conversation. In all places a funeral procession is not allowed or a loud excited conversations and even more - it is strictly forbidden laughter. It is incorrect to make comments or criticism of the deceased, his relatives or the nuances of the funeral arrangements.

  3. Help. If you notice that someone is on the verge of an emotional breakdown – offer help. Sometimes it is enough to ensure peace; or the opposite - to bring to the conversation and provoke tears. In some cases, you can just provide medical care. Sometimes there is a need for physical assistance in the removal of the body of the deceased, coffin lid, etc.

  4. Tolerance. Relatives and close associates of the deceased can behave at funerals excessively emotional. Sometimes the frustrations of crying, and even screaming. This should not cause a negative reaction from the other guests. If you yourself can't contain yourself – it is better to find a way out for them in a secluded area or wait until the public ceremony of farewell

  5. Wake. It is not necessary to come to dinner uninvited. Also, no need to take them to the funerals of the children. In the memorial auditorium to take the place left for the deceased (usually this is a place with clean instruments, a knife and fork lying on the plate, with a glass of water, on top of which lies the bread). To drink alcohol at the funeral impossible.

  6. To honor the memory of the deceased. Memories, condolences, mournful voice and requests expressed during the civil farewell ceremony at the funeral or directly to close relatives.

In whatever status you were not present at the funeral – don't lose your temper. Wisdom and patience to you!

Advice 3: Why is the dead man smiles in coffin

Folk beliefs give different explanations to the smile of a corpse in the coffin. Some people say it portends trouble, while others believe the smile on the face of the dead man a good sign. In any case, this phenomenon is quite rare and unusual.
Why is the dead man smiles in coffin

Why is the corpse smiling

Doctors-pathologists do not see in the smile of a dead man nothing supernatural. It is believed that some people have is pinched facial nerves and death throes, frozen on the face, close the dead man mistaken for a smile. Make-up artists in the morgue is sometimes hard to give the dead tranquil view, so sometimes the facial expression of the deceased may inspire a truly mystical horror.

By the way, the enterprising employees of funeral agencies already offer a service called "create a smile on the face of the deceased." A surcharge will be in the coffin lay smiling relative, bringing solace to the souls of the grieving relatives: "I feel good, I'm all right". When creating the of a smile the pathologist uses 33 muscles on the face of the deceased. Smile is recreated literally. For this purpose, photos of the deceased. Makeup artists use Botox, braces, AeroMaster and otkleivanie muscles. Apparently, the relatives feel calmer, seeing the coffin of a smiling loved one.

However, sometimes professional services are not required – everything happens by itself. And a sinister grin of some of the dead scares all people present at the farewell ceremony.

Why is the dead man smiles in coffin: a mystical version

There is a folk belief which says that if a dead man smiles in coffin, it portends six more deaths in the family. Why six is unclear. However, it should be noted that before the family in Russia were large. Women gave birth to 10-15 children. Infant mortality was high, and the common cold was easy to die. In short, life expectancy and the level of medicine those days left much to be desired. If modern family is going to die six people, it is likely that one simply does not remain.

I can say as a very close relative of a person lying in a coffin with a smile: no One died after the funeral. It's been five years and still alive, so do not take to heart these signs and wait for inevitable death.

However, it should also be noted that there is an alternative interpretation, which is no less prevalent in the nation. It is believed if the dead man smiles in coffin, he has managed to accomplish all that was intended in the earthly life and goes to God with a clear conscience and an open heart. In favour of this interpretation speaks to the incredible event that occurred on 1 July 2009, when he died, father Joseph of Vatopedi is one of the prominent elders of our time, author of many spiritual books.

There was just an incredible event – an hour and a half after his death, he smiled. The amazing thing is that the old man had heart problems and died with a serious expression, and after an hour and a half, the monks were surprised to find on his face a reverent smile, which by no means is similar to involuntary muscle contraction.

The nature of this phenomenon no one has yet solved. In some cases, the stories about the contraction of the muscles of the face do not stand up to scrutiny. In addition, many relatives have noticed this phenomenon, which is really impossible to explain. While the deceased lies in the coffin, his face may be a smile or a smirk, which disappears in the moment when the lid is going to close.

Should you be afraid of

It all depends on what feelings were experienced by the relatives and loved ones during the funeral, when I looked at the smiling corpse. I, for example, it's called joy. I looked at the peaceful face of a loved one and sincerely believed that all the suffering is over, and he found peace.

If someone scared dead man's smile, and then he began to haunt, or frequently appear in the dream, then you need to go to Church and speak with your spiritual Advisor.

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