Advice 1: As is customary to bury the urn with the ashes

Cremation as the method of burial of the dead, is now increasingly popular. The urn takes up much less space. It is issued to relatives who choose the type of burial.
As is customary to bury the urn with the ashes

How is the burial urns with ashes of the deceased

At cremation as a burial of the dead, there is a definite advantage. First, the box takes up very little space. Second, the funeral is not burdened seasonal features. Thirdly, it is less expensive. However, the results of the ballot boxes to the relatives takes place in a festive atmosphere. As a rule, in the farewell room at a prearranged time in the absence of strangers.

Urn is a container with a plastic sealed package inside the capsule with the ashes. The pedestal to house the urn, decorated with fresh flowers. The ballot box should be written the name, patronymic and surname of the deceased. As well as the registration number.

Relatives of the deceased can pick up the trash almost immediately after the cremation. The urn can be stored at the crematorium for 1 year. If it is not taken away, the ashes will be buried in a common grave. Despite the fact that this grave is unmarked, the data of the deceased (his name, patronymic and surname) will be included in "the memory Book". Interested persons are made aware of this burial of the unclaimed ashes in the crematorium administration.

If you want to carry the trash to another city or country, it will also be necessary to act, pointing to the absence in the urn of foreign investments. When crossing the border of the state, may require a notarized copy of such document, certificate of death and the conclusion of local bodies about the possibility of exhumation in case of re-burial.

What documents do I need for this

To bury the urn, the relatives must present the following documents:
- death certificate;
copy of the passport of the person who will get the urn;
- certificate of cremation of deceased;
- certificate of presence of a niche of a columbarium or cemetery.

On the basis of these documents, the relatives receive a certificate confirming the fact of burial of ashes. This is recorded in the registration book. Installing ballot boxes cannot be dealt with independently. It should be the employee of the mortuary. Niche close special memorial plate. When the burial occurs in a cemetery, on the grave monument. As a rule, it does not post a photo of the deceased. But there needs to be information about the years of his life. Probably about his employment, military or other merits.

Advice 2: Where to bury a pet

The death of a pet is very hard, sometimes not easier than the death of a relative. It is therefore very important to adequately say goodbye to your pet, to bury him according to the rules. Thus it is necessary not to violate health standards, which forbid to bury the bodies of animals in urban areas. To bury your pet on a formal or informal cemeteries Pets or outside the city.
Where to bury a pet

Official pet cemetery

Easier just to bury Pets on the official cemeteries, but, unfortunately, until our country is small – only about five. Thus, in Moscow there is only one such cemetery, which is located in Moscow district. Buried in formal graves of their Pets can residents of St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg. But it is not cheap, about 3 to 10 thousand depending on location. For example, in Moscow the pet cemetery there is a special alley of heroes, where the most expensive areas.

The official cemeteries, which are located in the city, it is impossible to bury the bodies of animals according to the law. It is therefore necessary to conduct a cremation, which will also be costly. To cremate a pet can be there, you can also order the service from other services.

Official cemeteries are good because they ensure the safety of graves and installed on their sites. You can be sure that it has not violated laws, environmental and health standards of the city. You know exactly where your pet rests, can at any time to visit him.

Unofficial pet cemetery

Informal cemeteries of Pets a lot more, they are in almost all major cities. In such places the owners of Pets themselves they bury themselves establish monuments and take care of the graves. To bury the animal in such a place for free, but no one can guarantee the safety of the grave. In addition, it is prohibited by law on the content of Pets in the cities to make a separate graveyard Pets are not allowed. But, usually, there is no protection in such places, and no one monitors compliance with this rule, especially if the cemetery is outside the city.

Other places to bury a pet

Some pet owners prefer to bury their dead Pets in the yard. It is not recommended, especially if the animal died of infection or you don't know the exact cause of death. Body can be carriers of different viruses, and pathogenic fungi, bacteria and other organisms, which after decomposition are released into the soil, contaminate groundwater. Therefore desirable to bury an animal in city limits alone, and if the other option is order your cremation and bury the ashes.

For the same reasons it is not recommended to bury the pet's body at his dacha or near residential areas. If you don't want to cremate the animal, take him away from the city, find a nice place in the forest and make a grave there.
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