What to say

Funeral speech can give not only to relatives and close friends of the deceased. Moreover, most often the opening a farewell ceremony charge to a friend, colleague, or friend of the deceased, as his relatives are at the mercy of emotions and hardly can prepare a beautiful and festive statement. If this question instructed you to say, you need to collect information about the deceased from people who knew him well. It is important to calculate the duration of speech (five minutes) and it is well to rehearse.

In the beginning of the speech be sure to introduce yourself to indicate your relationship with the deceased for the audience. In his speech, mention the good things the deceased did in his life, it is best to not say some abstract things, and to talk about what has affected you. Tell us about the best qualities of the deceased, mention his Hobbies, interests, habits, can you recall some pleasant moments with his participation. Do not tighten it, speak calmly and slowly. You can complete your speech with verses that loved the deceased, if it's too long a poem, read his piece.

Parting with a loved one

If you have to do a speech at the funeral of a friend or other, more relevant personal memories. Do not talk about disagreements and quarrels, do not expose the deceased in an ambiguous light. If you feel strong enough, I can tell you a funny story about the late, complement your speech bright, harmless humor, but it should be careful not to hurt anyone's feelings.

In a speech at the funeral of a brother or sister is very important to Express your willingness to Express support for their parents, for their child's death is a terrible loss. Therefore, it is important to emphasize in his speech that they are not alone, that they have you as a support. Do not hold back your emotions in this case, do not try to joke, if you do not find the strength.

If you're giving a speech at the funeral of a spouse, be sure to tell us about how you met, what you've been through together, how to deal with difficulties, mention of the plans that you do not have time to exercise. Support his or her parents, speak from the heart.

At the funeral of either parent in his speech, first of all, Express your gratitude for what they gave you for the life lessons, education, invaluable experience, for all the time you spent together. Don't try to speak long, from you nobody waits. Don't suppress your emotions.

In any case, at whose funeral would you go to make a speech, be sincere. Do not use cliches or overly pretentious design, build it as simple as possible.