Where to go directly after the person's death

Immediately after death the person should contact the Department of the polyclinic at the place of residence where the deceased was on the account, and call the receptionist of the doctor who will record the fact of death and write the medical report.

You can now go to the morgue. The mortuary staff will come to collect the body, and after some time (usually a few hours) in the morgue will need to obtain a certificate of death with the autopsy results and coroner's report. Not so long ago relatives were able to decide whether to place the deceased in the morgue, whether to perform an autopsy. According to the recent changes in the law, these steps are mandatory, regardless of the wishes of relatives. Stay late at the morgue paid.

With the help of the mortuary and the deceased's passport should be sent to the Registrar office where they will issue a death certificate.


When the death certificate is received, you can contact the local authorities with the statement about the burial, there to obtain permission for burial in a certain place. If relatives want the deceased was not buried in a separate grave, and the burial place of some of the previously deceased relatives, you will need to submit the documents confirming related relations of the deceased.

Then you can contact the funeral parlor. Typically, these organizations provide a full range of services required to arrange the funeral. Where you can buy the coffin, the cross, funeral wreaths, other things necessary for carrying out the funeral ceremony, hire workers who will dig the grave, arrange the transportation.

If the deceased worked or was retired, but for many years worked in the same organization, should report his death to the trade Union Committee at the place of work. Perhaps they can offer help with funeral arrangements or a refund.

You must then inform the employees of the morgue when the funeral will take place. Usually mortuaries provide services to the mourning hall, where relatives and friends may pay their respects.

In addition, it is customary to commemorate the deceased, so the same two days that the body of the deceased will be in the morgue, you should think about the organization of the funeral and, if necessary, to order a room in a cafe or restaurant. In addition, it is customary to remember the deceased in a cemetery directly in the conduct of the funeral, and this should prepare everything you need.

After the funeral, you can contact the pension Fund of the Russian Federation, providing there is evidence of death. PF will pay the state compensation for burial.