Following are some mandatory rules:

  1. Closet. Of course, the funeral is not the event where appropriate dressy clothing. Give preference to dark tones. Women should cover their heads. Have a few clean handkerchiefs.

  2. Conversation. In all places a funeral procession is not allowed or a loud excited conversations and even more - it is strictly forbidden laughter. It is incorrect to make comments or criticism of the deceased, his relatives or the nuances of the funeral arrangements.

  3. Help. If you notice that someone is on the verge of an emotional breakdown – offer help. Sometimes it is enough to ensure peace; or the opposite - to bring to the conversation and provoke tears. In some cases, you can just provide medical care. Sometimes there is a need for physical assistance in the removal of the body of the deceased, coffin lid, etc.

  4. Tolerance. Relatives and close associates of the deceased can behave at funerals excessively emotional. Sometimes the frustrations of crying, and even screaming. This should not cause a negative reaction from the other guests. If you yourself can't contain yourself – it is better to find a way out for them in a secluded area or wait until the public ceremony of farewell

  5. Wake. It is not necessary to come to dinner uninvited. Also, no need to take them to the funerals of the children. In the memorial auditorium to take the place left for the deceased (usually this is a place with clean instruments, a knife and fork lying on the plate, with a glass of water, on top of which lies the bread). To drink alcohol at the funeral impossible.

  6. To honor the memory of the deceased. Memories, condolences, mournful voice and requests expressed during the civil farewell ceremony at the funeral or directly to close relatives.

In whatever status you were not present at the funeral – don't lose your temper. Wisdom and patience to you!