What kind of bouquet is appropriate to bring to the funeral

It is advisable to choose for a funeral bouquet of even number of colors not exceeding 12. Of course, it is doubtful that someone will count the plants, but to keep the tradition still stands. Also note the design of the bouquet. The best option is to bring the individual flowers are not bonded to each other, because all the bouquets all the same mix and put it first in a coffin and then the grave. There is another option – flowers, tied with black ribbon. Jewelry, and modest, is only valid in baskets and wreaths.

Carefully choose the colors of the bouquet. Here are two important rules. First, in any case, you cannot select a variegated composition. Secondly, it is desirable to give preference to white, red, blue, purple, Burgundy shades, but not yellow, orange, pink, cream. If you knew the deceased, and he was a close person for you, pick up his favorite flowers the right shade – it will be a good symbol of your respect and love.

What flowers to choose for a funeral

Very often the funeral bring red and Burgundy roses. There is a certain symbolism. These flowers will mean love or blood relationship, or that people have lived a hard life and very hard to die, but now his suffering is over and he has no more pain. Similar are the red carnations which are also suitable for burial.

If you want to Express respect for the deceased or to show that he was an honest, sincere person with pure soul and thoughts, choose lilies and violets. These flowers should be placed on the grave of a spiritual person or a deeply religious person.

Also often choose plants, symbolizing rebirth or eternal life. In particular, we are talking about the iris: these flowers with the dark buds will mean that the deceased continues living in the hearts of their loved ones. It is appropriate to add any funeral bouquet willows, symbolizing the transition of the human soul to the other world and its eternal life. You can use any number of willow twigs at your discretion – their number may not be even.

Also good option would be to use sprigs of cypress, yew or arborvitae, complementing the flowers. They will also mean the life of the soul, its rebirth in another body or in another world, and respect for, love for the deceased and sorrow associated with his death.