The Christian traditions mean that during the luncheon. congregation pray for the repose of the soul of the deceased. Absolutely everything during the commemoration of matters, including the menu. The approximate plan of holding a Wake is.
Before you sit down to read the prayer "our father". Throughout the Wake to remember the deceased, but memories of some bad deeds of the deceased is not acceptable. The table is not acceptable laughter, cheerful songs or profanity.
The first course serve the kutia (a porridge of rice or wheat with honey and raisins). It is best to light it during the service or at least sprinkle it with Holy water. This dish is a symbol of eternal life, as man, as the grain will sprout (reborn) in Christ.
It is not necessary to rely on the rule: the more food on the table - the better, this is not true. Quite the contrary, the food should be really fast. It is important that people gather together to remember the dead, food is only a symbol.
Please note, if the day of commemoration fell on a weekday of lent, reschedule for the weekend. Also remember that men at the funeral should be with his head uncovered, women, on the contrary, with matching hair scarves.
If the day of the funeral at the funeral everyone was at the cemetery, then 9 days for the Wake name, only relatives and closest friends of the deceased.
Remember that to drink alcohol during a meal is impossible, even wine is not recommended to put on the table. Also do not put on the table a photograph of the deceased with a shot of vodka with black bread, all of these customs are simply relics of the past and the Orthodox faith are not supported.
Do not limit yourself to the phrase "the Kingdom of heaven to the deceased". Pray for the deceased, start each meal with a brief prayer.
Also in the days of the Wake very well apply to the poor, to people who need food and are closer to God, prayed for the repose of the soul of the deceased.
In addition to the meal, order a prayer for the repose of the deceased, to do this, just submit a note with the name of the deceased (in the genitive) in the Church kiosk.
Remember, you can not only mark the 3, 9 and 40 days, there is a custom to commemorate the deceased on the anniversary of his death, his birthday and namesday, these days people also go to the cemetery and go to Church.