In the case where people died from a long illness, at home and nabludal at the local doctor or the number on the account for some chronic disease, you should immediately call the orderlies from the city morgue, the body was taken there, and to contact the clinic by place of residence. On the basis of a medical card which you will receive from the GP or the receptionist, you will be given a medical certificate of death, signed by the chief physician. When your relative died while in the hospital, this conclusion will be decorated in the morgue at the hospital and you will need to drive to get it. To obtain this document, you will need to present a passport and medical record of the deceased, his passport.
If the death happened in a holiday or weekend when the clinics do not work, or has occurred suddenly, you need to call the police and call the local inspector to obtain forensic conclusions about the natural causes of death. It will need to do first if the death was sudden and the person at that time was not at home. After it is judicial-medical examination, you will be issued a death certificate.
Medical certificate of death is the basis for workers of the registry office where you will be issued an official Certificate of death, which is a document on the basis of which produced all the rest of the funeral procedure. To obtain it, except medical certificate, you will need to submit the passport of a deceased person, and also present a document proving your identity. In addition, you will need to complete a uniform application of the death in form No. 16, it can be received in the Registrar's office.
With this Certificate you should apply to the municipal organization, which is engaged in the provision of funeral services. Arriving there with a Certificate, you will receive a place in the cemetery, you can choose the necessary ritual supplies: the cross, the coffin, wreaths, etc. these Services are paid, but the choice is always there, and you will be able to make an order in accordance with its financial possibilities.
To obtain owed to any citizen of the burial allowance, you must contact the Pension Fund where your family member received a pension, and if he wasn't a pensioner to the territorial body of social protection of the population according to place of residence. The basis for the issuance of allowances, the amount of which is established by the regional authorities, is the medical death certificate or the stamp Certificate and your passport. The benefit is paid in the same day.