Usually in the army or in the Navy – the most common dream of many boys and adolescents. If the desire to make a military career formed from childhood or the young man decided to continue the family tradition of military officers to prepare for this start.
If you are a student in school, but have seriously decided to prepare himself for military service, instead of the usual school will do in cadet corps. To do this, you should be fit state of health, transferred in the 5th grade of secondary school, to persuade parents to apply for transfer to the cadet corps. Not too late to do in this case and in 6-9 classes. After receiving a military education, you will receive the initial experience of life in the military collective, basic military training and benefits for admission to military academies and higher military schools.
At the end of secondary school do in military school, but even better in a military University. For admission in them you must be 16 to 27 years. Persons from 19 to 27 years old must serve military service in the army. Persons under 18 years of respite or sabbatical at the time of learning.
The application can be submitted personally at the admissions office of your chosen educational institution or through the military. Conditions of enrolment in military schools or military schools differ from civilians only in the presence of a compulsory examination in physical training.
When choosing a particular educational institution please note that many of them have special requirements for candidates. For admission in Institute of physical culture must have the title or not less than 2 the sports category on one of the sports. For admission to the faculty of military conductors need to be able to play one of the instruments of a brass band.
Complete the full training program of your chosen military school or College. At the end, perform final qualification work, and pass the final state exams. Under condition of successful passing the exams you will be assigned a primary officer rank – Lieutenant.
Can become an officer without a military College or University. He graduated from civil University with military Department. Subject to the successful study and successful completion of exams you will also be given the rank of Lieutenant of the Russian army.