The most important preparatory step to enter the educational institution, will be the visit to the institution. The aim of the College to which you would like to do will be the counselling for entrance exams.
Before the consultation, the mental and, if necessary, in written form, describe the accumulated problems. So, what you need to know. When visiting companies, do not forget to specify the items for the exams and the exact date of their conduct. Also in College you can get a rough list of issues. As a rule, such questions are always included in the exam fees.
Once you already know exactly what items are included in the exams, it's time for proper training. Do not leave preparation for exams till the last day. If you have recently graduated from high school, the entrance exams you are fully prepared. All you need is to revise the school material.
If you graduated high school a year or more ago, you should devote more time to repeat forgotten material. Remember that material is better remembered during the evening and morning repetition.
When the status of the material, try not to get tired. Take breaks, walk in the fresh air and be sure to do the usual things. To this mode the body will quickly get used and the required information will remain in memory.
Do not teach at night. Force in memory no need not going. Try to find something new and interesting for yourself, review the additional information that will allow you to show off knowledge during examinations.
Try to spend some time. No need to start, quit, and then again to grab the tickets. If there is no greater desire to learn, just read. Reading aloud is one of the effective methods of memory training.
A week before the exams, try to repeat the passed material. Pay special attention to the complex issues for you. Don't take all items at once. Between entrance exams sufficient period of time to repeat the following subject.
During the exam, direct all their attention to the ticket. Carefully read the questions and try your own words to formulate your answer. Remember, this is the question you repeated, and hence the true answer you know.