Follow sites or other information sources which are selected cadet school. Starting somewhere in mid-April there will be a list of documents that you will need to provide to confirm your desire to become curanto or cadets.
Before this period help the child to undergo a full medical examination. It requires a lot of time and involve visiting a number of doctors. Likely, your child will be required to provide proof of health status, therefore this inspection will be useful. Also among the list will be extract from the personal file and documents related to the social status of him and his family.
Prepare in advance for the interview. Avoid excessive pressure on the child, but make sure that his decision to enter the school informed and motivated that he will be able to competently hold a conversation with a psychologist. Do not try to control his responses and don't try to think through the course of the interview for the student: remember that before you totally independent person who made an adult decision and are ready for the answer. The interview also takes place in late spring.
Check your enrollment and prepare your child for entrance exams. Please note that it will require a deep knowledge of General subjects, perhaps beyond what he receives in school. The competition in the cadet corps are usually big enough and your student should be ready to withstand high competition.
In addition to the examinations in General subjects and psychological testing is conducted a review of physical training, which also must be trained.