Please contact your local recruiting office, they will help right to make a statement and adopt the following documents:
• a certificate of place of work and nature of employment of your parents or persons who replace them,
• reference from the place of residence of the parents, which shows the family composition, housing conditions,
• copy of health insurance policy, notarized,
• four photographs of size 3x4,
• medical report on health of health issued by a medical Commission in the military,
• pedagogical description, signed by the class teacher and the school Director, sealed with the official stamp,
• report card with grades for three quarters of the current year, with indication of the studied foreign language, certified by the stamp of the school
• autobiography,
• certified copy of birth certificate,
• statement from the candidate, written to the head of school.
In the military you should receive a request for a free military shipping document to the destination and back.
Entrance examinations are held from August 1 to 15. A group of candidates accompanied by a safety assistant from the military, directly to military school, although if desired, parents can go with the applicant.The school provides students with free accommodation and meals on-site.
If the exam you have to come out of the competition if you:
• children of military personnel who are being raised without a mother or father,
• children of military personnel who are serving in a war zone,
• children of military personnel who died in the line of duty, or died as a result of injury or disease received in the line of duty,
• children of military personnel who retired for health reasons, to achieve their military duties, or whose total length of military service is more than twenty years,
• children of military personnel who have a General duration of military service for more than twenty years, or undergoing military service under the contract.