The easiest way to get information about assessment tests and exams. In this case, any, for example, the parent can see them in the gradebook, which is to be filled in mandatory in the exam. But it should be noted that in many cases, for example, if a student is directed on examination, no special marks about it in the gradebook will not.
More difficult it may be to learn about current marks in any subject if they are exposed, for example, for workshops or classes in a foreign language. In this case, the teacher can not inform the student about the results before the session or the beginning of the test week. If the student will need to receive information earlier or he fears that his mark might be too low, then you need to contact the teacher for this reason. If your GPA is causing his issues, he will certainly inform you and advise what can be done to remedy the current situation.
In some universities, there are also "test week". They are usually held in the middle of the semester, and each teacher after this time must evaluate the student's work. This information is primarily needed by the students to assess their activities and outcomes in session they are not affected. However, if you need your assessment, after assessment week, please contact the Dean's office, where statements are sent, and to inform you all of the information.
Also, in some cases, students provided a grade for the internship. It can be found either from the grade book, where it should be placed, either from the opinion of the head, which is given at the expiration of the period of practical work.