You will need
  • - the form of organization where the practice was passed;
  • - report on the internship;
  • diary of a trainee.
A single sample of opinion (and even the title of this document) does not exist. You can label it "Opinion of the trainee, Feedback-testimonial on the practical training", "Opinion of the head of the practice." The text is written in an arbitrary form, but must be printed on official letterhead of the organization, which served as the basis of practice.
In the beginning of his opinion responsible for the practice entity specifies who (your name, group number, faculty and University) internship (educational, production and predegree), where (in what Department or organizational unit or enterprise) and when (exact time of your stay there).
Next, you need to outline your duties, the performed tasks and assignments (reviewed the structure of the organization, examined the normative documents, developed a draft, etc.). Try to articulate what knowledge, skills and abilities have been acquired by you during the internship.
Now to give the Intern (i.e. to him) feature. Usually this part of the opinion begins with the words "for the time, he showed himself as...". Mark your positive business qualities that you think are really manifested while working in the company or organization. You might mention the quality of jobs, responsibility, compliance with labor discipline, the ability to work in a team, etc.
At the end of the internship supervisor must specify how commendable his ward. Printed opinion must be certified by signature and seal of the organization. As a rule, the opinion about the passage of the student practice takes no more than one page. Opinion along with other materials about the internship in a timely manner surrenders to the Department or to the Dean's office.