The easiest way is to ask the student to write yourself a reviewand then just put underneath the painting and printing company. However, this approach choose only the most lazy and optional heads. If you take a student to practice, then allocate 10 minutes of your time and give truthful and objective characteristics of his work.
Feedback on student written on the official letterhead of the enterprise, i.e. on the form with the details of the company. First you write the surname, name and patronymic of the student, who practiced at your facility and the number of his student card. The cap also shows the actual duration of practice (for example, on 12.05.2011 12.07.2011). He below written opinion, which must describe the work performed by the student in the enterprise, as well as to characterize his working qualities.
In the first paragraph you must describe what kind of work was carried out by the student during the internship period. Please specify what work was performed by the students personally, and some in a team. You must specify all types of works that correspond to the future profession of the student and also the subject of practice. Various errands such as buying office supplies or making coffee to indicate it is not necessary.
The second paragraph should include the feature of working as an Intern. Showed whether the student their performance and discipline, whether his knowledge and skills in their chosen profession. You don't need to go into the personal qualities of the student, because you are official document. To compile this part of the reviewand there are the standard clichés and stamps.
The third and final paragraph of the opinionand the student must include the final grade the completed practice. To evaluate the performance of the student needs on a scale of "excellent", "good", "satisfactory", "bad". As for the standard amount of opinionand a single sheet of A4. Review written 12-14 font, spacing - one and a half.