You will need
  • Written feedback from the faculty supervisor.
There are a number of specific requirements for writing the review. The Director is obliged to specify the full name of the organization where the student interned or personal data of the student: name, surname, patronymic, student card ID number, period of internship, the name of the division or unit in which he interned.
You must list the types of work that has been entrusted to the student. Also, separately lists the types of work in which the student participated along with the team. This will show the level of skill and responsibility of the future specialist in the process of practical application of his knowledge.
You should describe the work, functionally duplicated under the guidance of employees of the company, and those carried out independently. If the student was able to perform a very complex task, which allowed to improve performance or quality of work, be sure to mention it in the review and give rating. If the student was assigned managerial functions, it is also better reflected in the opinion.
The next item you can mark the student's communication skills: teamwork, relationship and contacts with the workers, the nature and style of communication among colleagues. The head is necessary to establish the degree of training of the student how quickly he mastered with new responsibilities, based on the experience of colleagues, whether to control it at the same time.
Also, a review is recommended to describe the business skills of the student – initiative, punctuality, responsibility, ability to learn, the desire to acquire additional knowledge and skills. The opinion must be signed by the company's Director and practice leader, it must specify the position. The signature must be under seal of the company where was held the practice.
Example of writing a review from the place of passing of practice:

Name, Surname, Patronymic, did an internship at "such and Such company" from 5 June to 14 July 2011. Functional responsibilities last Name, Name, Patronymic of the period of practice included:



- XXXXX, etc.

Commit work Surname, Name, Patronymic, carried out conscientiously and carefully. Showed himself a disciplined and responsible worker. Showed a good level of theoretical knowledge, skillfully applied knowledge in practice.

Evaluation of internship Surname, Name, Patronymic of "excellent".

The number of Signatures