You will need
  • Computer;
  • - program Word;
  • printer;
  • paper.
Specify the surname, name and patronymic of the student, the University or College in which he studies, his course and specialization, as well as the database of internship: name of institution, class.
Describe the knowledge of the present curriculum a student, his ability to work with them.
Rate the ability of future specialist to carry out the lesson link theory with life, to allow educational objectives, the ability to influence the minds, feelings and will of the students.
Write about the skills of the trainee to organize the work of children, to focus their attention and strengthen their mental activity, to generate interest in the study of the lesson material. Pay attention to how the student is able to carry out individual work with children, to prevent underachievement and gaps in pupils ' knowledge.
Assess mastery of Intern methods of teaching subject matter and methods of training, including technical equipment of the educational process and other illustrative (work with tables, various drugs, etc.)
More detail on the extent of formation of skills to organize extracurricular activities with children and cultural-educational work with parents.
Mark the positive side and the main problems encountered during the pedagogical practice of the student-trainee.
Express the attitude of the student work and the degree of discipline.
Rate for the entire period of practice.
You can inform us the address of this pedagogical institution, try to formulate them clearly, concisely and in a detailed manner.
Put a personal signature. Also in the opinione of the student-trainee must sign the school Director and to assure him with the seal of the educational institution.