You will need
  • - a computer with a text editor;
  • printer;
  • - handle;
  • - the seal of the enterprise;
  • - a sheet with a logo or corner stamp of the enterprise;
  • - data on the work performed by the trainee.
Rigid forms for characteristics with place of practice no, but any document of this type starts with the name, that is, with the word "feature". In the next line, indicate to whom you are writing. Write your surname, name and patronymic of the probationer, place of study and course. In the first part of the document must be the start and end date of practice and the name of the subdivision.
Detail what work was involved student. The data can be recovered, for example, the plan that the school provides each trainee. These items are necessary to reveal the most deeply, because to report your mentee have in the first place for him. But the goals which are put before the students of the school do not always coincide with the actual production task of the enterprise. Therefore, the student must have performed some work other than that specified in relation to production practices. Write a review. Don't forget to tell me in what capacity a student participated in the implementation of certain production processes and what results they have achieved. Write the title of the work, the scope and brief content.
Tell us about what knowledge and practical skills demonstrated by the student during the practice. Specify what he has learned at your facility. Check business skills of the student and their compliance with this specialty.
Often during practice, students are actively involved in the life of the enterprise sports competitions, holiday programs and concerts. This is not a mandatory item characteristics with place of practice, but can bring some benefit to the Intern. So tell us about it at least briefly. At the bottom put the date and signature.
Making a sketch of the characteristics, proceed to registration. Format the text so that it is well read. It is better to print it using 14 point type or one half of the interval. Align the text on both sides and the header in the center. Make paragraphs. If your organization has no branded paper logo, no corner of the stamp, fill in the details themselves. Print them in the upper right corner of the page smaller size. Enter the name of the organization, its address and phone number. Align this piece of text is right-aligned.
Print the document. Attest it with his signature and company seal. If you put a corner stamp in the beginning, it is more convenient to do it after printing, not before it.