Characterization of the response of the student held the practice in your company, write on company letterhead. It must be mentioned full name of enterprise, legal address and contact numbers. The address portion of the form in this case is not populated.
Write the word "Characteristics" and specify the surname, name and patronymic of the trainee, a student, what course and which school it is.
Again, enter the last name and initials, dates of beginning and end of practice, its duration. Write what position the Intern, and list everything that was part of his duties. A calendar give a list obtained through practice of production tasks, and evaluate how well the student coped with each of them.
Give a General evaluation of his theoretical knowledge, their level and skills to apply them in productive activities. Rate his ability to learn and ability to work with new information. List his business acumen, manifested in the course of implementation of production tasks, his discipline, honesty, punctuality, accuracy and responsibility.
Rate the human qualities and the ability to work in a team, to win over the people. Note how the Intern enjoy the respect of the employees working with him, if he showed himself as a leader, as a future specialist. Indicate on the qualities that interfere in work.
Give a General evaluation of the practice: "excellent", "good" or "satisfactory". Tell us what you think about the abilities of the student, there are properties of character traits and skills necessary for the specialists with higher education.
Write where the characteristic of the name of the University. Sign in as supervisor. Characteristic sign at the head of the company and endorse it from the head of the personnel Department. Verifying signature with seal of the enterprise.