Specify the full name of the organization where the student did an internship and student personal data: first name, last name and first name, student ID number, the timeframe for completing the practice, the name of the Department or division, with which he was familiar.
List the types of work that have been commissioned and performed by the student. Separately, list all those projects on which work was carried out by collective efforts. These works can be divided into two categories – those entrusted to and carried out at the beginning of the passage of an industrial practice and those that performed them at the end. It will show how the increased qualification, degree of preparation, and the responsibilities of the future specialist during practical application of his knowledge.
Describing the work, tell us about performing ad hoc assignments, the duplication of functions under the supervision of the employees and self-fulfilled orders. If the student performed the assignments of high complexity implemented with your permission, our own development and solutions to increase productivity or quality of labor, briefly reflect their essence and assess his work. If it has been entrusted with any management functions, it will also reflect in the opinionof E.
Tell us about the communicative skills of the student: he worked in a team, easy established relationships and contacts, the nature and style of his communication with colleagues. Please rate the degree of student tell how fast he's learning with new responsibilities, does the experience of colleagues, does it need to be in control.
Describe his business skills – initiative, responsibility and accuracy, learning ability, the desire to acquire additional knowledge and skills. Write your opinion about the student – what are his chances of being accepted in your organization when vacancies occur, what types of work would you have him charged.
Sign opinion the Director and head of practice, putting the position. The signature must be certified with a company seal.